Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA) Digital Business Strategy

Program Overview
As the world continues to digitize and grow in complexity, virtually every enterprise will need to have a great digital business model, one that creates value by engaging customers and helping employees work smarter. This program is designed on the premise that having the right technologies in place is important, but not sufficient for successful digital transformation. The full benefits of digital transformation can only be realized through a clear and visionary digital business model and strategy, appropriate organizational change, and extensive capability building. To extract the most value from digital technologies and business models, business leaders must analyze if and why the company should transform, to what extent, and how you should do it. How can we leverage digital innovations like analytics and mobile solutions for our traditional, old world business? How can we determine if digital is an opportunity, a threat, or both? How can we successfully navigate the route towards more innovation and digitalization?
Program Benefits
The broad scope of the program provides participants with global and extensive insights into all aspects of digital transformation in traditional businesses. The objective of the program is to empower participants to become agents of digital transformation in their companies and throughout their careers. The program will combine case studies, lectures, discussions and challenging projects to deepen understanding of the digital opportunities and threats that have the power to transform your business. During the program, you will carry out rigorous written team and individual analyses of real-life companies. Participants will learn how to:
• Develop a digital strategy that leverages the competitive advantage and preserves it for the future
• Adapt structures and processes to take advantage of digital opportunities and reduce digital threats
• Identify new products and markets that can be accessed through digital business models
• Understand the capability development process to support the digital change
• Benchmark against companies that have both failed and succeeded in digital transformations.

Program Duration: 5 days
Program Content
As part of the pre-program preparation, participants are given required readings and assignments to prepare them for the program. This pre-program activity is important as experience has shown that it is a powerful part of the transformational learning experience.
• Session 1: Digital Business Model
o Domains of Digital Transformation
o Platforms, Competition and Multisided Business Models
o The disruptive business model map – customer trajectories and network effects
• Session II: Digital Customer Experience
o Digital Disruption and Customer Value
o Customer Network Strategy –Understanding and harnessing digital behaviors
o Digital customer touch-points
o Designing the ultimate customer experience
• Session III: Digital Innovation
o Value proposition adaptation – a customer-centric tool
o Innovating for the digital customer
• Session IV: Digital Readiness
o The organizational digital ecosystem
o The “digital” innovation/change agent
o A digital readiness audit
o Conducting a gap analysis: current vs. future state
o Digital HR & talent: recruitment, mentoring and/or outsource
o Digital governance
• Session V: Digital and Big Data
o Big data at work: New data types
o New tools and new organizational processes for big data
o The data asset map – building the value of data overtime

Who would benefit from the program?
The program is designed for business leaders and senior managers from all business areas, who wish to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.
Program fee$1,450 (USD) or its equivalent in Ghana cedis or Nigerian Naira.
17th October, 2017 – 21st October, 2017 (Lagos, Nigeria)
24th October, 2017 – 28th October, 2017 (Accra, Ghana)

Program Fee – includes program design and delivery, tuition, case licensing fees, program materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch

Program Fee Discount Offer
• 10% discount for up to 5 people from the same organization.
• 15% discount for more than 5 executives from the same organization

Upon successful completion of all five sessions you receive the Certificate of Professional Achievement in Digital Business Strategy from NIBS and SBS Swiss Business School.