Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA) in Services Management

Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA) in Services Management

In most industries, all competitors are technically competent – what differentiates and makes the difference as to why customers choose a one company instead of another often comes down to service and customer experience. This program will put you on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice in services management and leadership. By completing the program, you will have learned what you need to know to compete effectively in the service marketplace today. Each session in the certificate program is designed to teach a specific skill or set of practices that will lead to success for your organization, whether it be blueprinting a new service or figuring out why there seems to be a gap in service quality.

Program Benefits
• You will learn how to diagnose and strengthen key weak spots in your service offerings.
• Find out what your customers really expect and understand how price can set expectations,
• Learn how to recover disappointed customers
• How to help your company see your service processes from the customer’s viewpoint.
• Know how to develop quality service designs.
• How to develop a visual representation of the key steps and internal relationships in your service process that can deliver highly satisfying services.
• You will discover the best ways to deliver to your services standards and learn how to manage people to effectively keep services promises and how to use technology to engage your customers and enhance their service experience. Finally, you will understand the critical differences between your organization and world -class service firms and learn key principles of companies known for their strong service cultures and their ability to create highly profitable service offerings.

Program Content
Session I: The Nature of Service and Customer Service Experience
• Why all business and organizations are service businesses
• Service-led business model – why companies compete not on products and services but on experience
• The iceberg model of customer service needs
• Service customer experience – the why, when, what and how
• Nature of customer value in services
• The whole service model and implications

Session II: Service Quality & Gaps
• Customer satisfaction versus customer delight
• Service quality dimensions
• Service quality gaps
• Overcoming service quality gaps and performance variability
• Service failure and service recovery strategies

Session III: Customer experience management
• Customer experience – meaning and strategy
• Dimensions of experience
• CRM versus Customer experience management
• Best practices of service and customer experience

Session IV: Service Blueprinting
• Define on-stage, back-stage, and support actions on a blueprint
• Explain some of the benefits of service blueprinting
• Drawing a blueprint of a service process

Program Fee:
$995 (USD) or its equivalent in Ghana Cedis or Nigerian Naira

14th September 2017 – 16th September 2017 (Lagos – Nigeria)
28th September, 2017 – 30th September, 2017. (Accra – Ghana)

Program Fee – includes program design and delivery, tuition, case licensing fees, program materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch

Program Fee Discount Offer

• 10% discount for up to 5 people from the same organization.
• 15% discount for more than 5 executives from the same organization

Upon successful completion of all sessions you receive the Certificate of Professional Achievement in Services Management from NIBS and SBS Swiss Business School.