Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) in Supply Chain Management

Program Overview
In an increasingly competitive business environment, the need for data driven, fact based decision making skills and improved planning and forecasting capabilities for businesses are critical to success. This course focuses on how to develop and implement effective operational and supply chain strategies and supply chain process to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain management helps you to lower your operational cost, adapt and be more responsive to change by optimizing business processes, organizational structures and enabling technologies to satisfy customers needs and to capitalize on new opportunities.

Program Objectives
This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand how to develop and implement operations and supply chain strategies
  • Understand how to align operations and supply chain to achieve competitive advantage
  • Understand how to build agile and responsive operations and supply chain
  • Understand and apply frameworks for streamlining operational and supply chain risks within an African context,
  • Understand and manage people issues within the operations and supply chain environments.

Program Benefit
This program will help you transform a traditional linear supply chain to an adaptive network which is more responsive to change and help you capitalize on new opportunities. It will also help you to track and monitor compliance, lower operational cost and improve planning and forecasting.