Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) in Women’s Executive Leadership Program

Program Overview
Business executives in recent times, are expected to be adequately prepared to navigate their organizations through the rapidly changing global business arena. But, existing research indicates that men and women differ in their leadership styles and are perceived differently even when they do the same thing. This poses significant challenges for women in leadership positions at the workplace. Furthermore, countries around the African continent are increasingly emphasising the importance of women leadership than the rest of the world. Hence, the Women’s Executive Leadership Program (WELP) is designed to equip women executives with the tools they need to enhance their leadership impact as females and spearhead long lasting positive organizational change.

Program Benefit:
The objectives of the program are:

  • To reimagine and advance participants’ management and leadership skills.
  • To enable participants to better understand the nuances of communication and negotiation skills.
  • To equip participants to lead innovation effectively manage change across their organizations.
  • To give participants the opportunity to explore best practices, share insights and new ideas, as well as compare experiences, with an exceptional group of seasoned women executives.