Certified Innovation Professional (CIP) Program

Certified Innovation Professional (CIP) Program

Differentiate yourself with CIP designation

Nothing is more essential to the well-being of an organization, industry, profession, or even a country, than its capacity to think creatively and innovate in a world-class way. The Certified Innovation Professional (CIP) program is designed to:
Prepare anyone in any organization, private or public, who wants to differentiate from the pack through the use of skills and competencies in the practice of creativity and innovation management.

8 reasons why you should become a CIP:

Upon program completion, a CIP will be able to demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Diagnose and select innovation methodologies that are best for the situation.
  • Articulate and implement best practices for leading innovation and growth.
  • Harness the social systems needed to develop an innovation culture
  • Exhibit the expertise to make innovation happen across organizational boundaries
  • Utilize the principles of innovation leadership to effectively diagnose and address the systematic aspects of an innovation dilemma.
  • Identify, recruit and lead the “right” people and practices necessary to manage innovation and capture the value of innovation.
  • Apply change management best practices to overcome resistance to the innovation initiatives.
  • Develop and implement an innovation strategy that is aligned with the organization’s most critical business objectives.

5 CIP Personal Differentiation Benefits – Certification and CIP Designation after your name:

  • Increases your market value because certification confirms your mastery of creativity and innovation principles and best practices in demand by organizations.
  • Improve your performance because certification recognizes the knowledge, skills, and confidence to innovate and to successfully lead innovation efforts in ambiguous, uncertain environments.
  • Accelerate your career development because certification enables better job performance, enhances career/promotion opportunities and increases recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters.
  • Entitle you to become a member of, and network with certified professionals of the International Foundation for Innovation (IFI) to further enhance your career.
  • Offer you continuing education in courses over time to keep up to date with the latest trends and insights in innovation.

4 CIP Benefits for Organizations

  • Top-performing companies understand the benefits of innovation and are already sponsoring employees for certification.
  • Helps to identify those employees with sufficient innovation experience to move into leadership positions.
  • Helps to differentiate between candidates by assessing their innovation knowledge and skills, and interest in professional growth.
  • Supports an organization’s drive for process consistency and discipline in innovation management.

Program Content – The CIP program contains four modules:

Module I: Innovation Management Essentials
Module II: Managing Innovation Processes
Module III: Innovation Leadership

Module IV: Demonstrating Proficiency – Innovation Project – The project integrates new insights from the preceding three program modules. It is expected to be based on current or emerging specific strategic, organisational issue taking place within the participant’s own organisation or sector.
CIP Exam: An open book practical exam comprising essay, multiple-choice, case study and oral defence. Participants need to achieve a score of 80% or above to pass.
International Innovation Tour – Optional 5-day education, experiential and cultural overseas tour in Europe, China, US and others to understand how best-practice companies sustain innovation culture

Program Duration: 5 months

  • Each module is covered over 3 full-days of seminars and workshops in a month
  • Participants require at least 24 hours of post-module assignments
  • Innovation project must be completed over 3 months. Participants must devote at least 3 days per month to complete and submit innovation project report.

Admission Requirements

  • Updated CV for Evaluation
  • Degree, Professional qualification and/or Diploma
  • At least 5 years management experience
  • Two passport pictures

Anticipated Program Faculty includes NIBS Professors and Adjuncts such as:

  • Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, Distinguished Professor of Innovation Management & Marketing, NIBS – internationally recognized scholar in innovation and marketing. Ranked number 2 innovation scholar in the world.
  • Erik Hultink, Professor of New Product Development & Marketing, Delft University of Technology. Ranked number 6 innovation scholar in the world.
  • Shikhar Sarin, Professor of Innovation & Marketing, Boise State University – Associate Editor, Journal of Product Innovation Management.
  • Luigi De Luca, Professor of Innovation, Marketing & Strategy, Cardiff Business School
  • Dail Fields, Professor of Organizational Leadership, NIBS
  • Hod Anyigba, Assistant Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship, NIBS
  • Christian Stadler, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation, Warwick Business School
  • Steven White, Professor of Innovation & Strategy – Tsinghua University
  • Kwasi Amoako-Gyampa, Professor of Operations Management, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Haiyang Li, Professor of Innovation & Strategy, Rice University
  • Moses Acquaah, Professor of Strategic Management, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Constantine Adriopoulos, Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Cass Business School, London

Enroll Now – Program Starts May 2016
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