Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) in Service and Customer Experience Management

Program Overview
Most companies operate in markets with highly aggressive competitors offering similar, largely undifferentiated products, services, technologies and marketing tactics. In such highly competitive markets, products and services are weak bases for competitive advantage. Increasingly, companies recognize that maximizing opportunities for delightful customer experiences is perhaps the only way to build lasting competitive advantage. This program provides executives (senior and middle managers and customer-facing employees) in-depth understanding of the foundations of service business model and customer experience management, the language and tools to develop and implement service and customer experience management strategy. It uncovers the secrets behind service culture and time-tested models for delivering world-class service.

Program Benefits
Upon completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of current customer experience management activities
  • Develop a company culture that supports consistent delivery of quality service and customer experience
  • Design and implement quality standards and processes to raise the level of customer experience
  • Create metric to gauge the needs, perceptions and expectation of customers
  • Develop an integrated customer experience management that enable employees, settings, and processes to convey the company’s commitment to customer experience.
  • Implement strategic plan for monitoring the delivery of seamless customer experience