Government Innovation for High Performance (GIHiP) Program


To many, the most challenging and complex imperative for leaders in government and public sector organizations is how to recognize and maximize opportunities for meeting citizen expectations in a way that builds trust and confidence in government. Citizens of a nation expect government to find solutions to every social, economic, environmental and political problem and to also reliably perform “day-to-day” tasks effectively and efficiently. Citizen expectations for high performance government are on the rise when budgets and timelines are shrinking, leaving government leaders struggling to deliver results. To overcome these pressures, government leaders and public sector executives must embrace the concept of innovation and its associated management tools and practices. The right knowledge and competences in innovation helps to deliver results that build and maintain citizen’s trust and confidence in government. Witness the cases of Germany and Singapore, countries with well-known government innovation strategies. Yet, most governments lack an environment of grassroots innovation where new ideas can emerge at any time and in any context. Indeed, government innovation as a learned mindset and process entailing a shift in thinking, and as a disciplined approach enforced by strong, flexible and creative leadership is rare in most governments. Consequently, government leaders are missing opportunities to exercise innovation leadership to improve government performance.

The program covers a wide range of topics that ensure participants build knowledge and competency in innovation management to design and deliver environments in which government employees will see innovation as an important function and responsibility of everyone, every time and everywhere in government. Our approach involves a total re-think of the nature and meaning of government products, services, and ‘citizen’ value and government leadership. With the help of private and public sector case studies and examples of government innovation around the world, as well as insights from the latest research on innovation, we provide knowledge and skills that allow government sector executives to meet and exceed citizen’s expectations while saving costs.

Program Benefits

Upon completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop the skills to build innovation culture in government department, unit, ministry, agency or organization.
  • Identify the new role of innovation management in the government ecosystem
  • Improve ability to use the tools and models to innovate in the workplace and citizen service delivery and experience space
  • Develop deep understanding of innovation leadership and be able to apply lessons on the job.
  • Become more confident to borrow successful practices from the private sector and apply them in the government sector
  • Work with professionals from different backgrounds to enhance knowledge of innovation design and delivery in government.
  • Develop and implement an innovation project in the workplace.

Who would benefit from this program?

Top and middle management government and public sector executives who oversee or are concerned with high performance government, citizen service design and delivery, design and implementation of government processes, policy development, as well as all those who need a thorough grounding in innovation management to enhance their effectiveness in government.

Module Descriptions

Module I: Government Innovation, Service Design and Delivery – what, why, when, where and who? This module provides deep understanding of the basic principles, concepts and models in innovation as applied in government services and processes. Participants understand these principles and their responsibility as innovation leaders in government. This module also develops knowledge and understanding of government service and the best practices in innovating and redesign of service processes. It examines the nature and characteristics of government service, the notion of government service as an experience, the nature of customer service needs and service quality, as well as the process of designing and delivering quality services in government. It explores the foundations of service experience and how delightful service experiences can be created and offered in government.

Module II: High Performance Government – This module explores the best practices for high performance in government and public sector organizations and for creating and making teams work. High performance requires the collaborative efforts of different individuals, functions and units to succeed. This module equips participants with team leadership skills and knowledge on how to improve government performance.

Module III: Innovation Leadership in Government – This module examines the nature of innovation leadership and helps participants examine their leadership styles in reference to innovation and achievement of results. Each participant develops a personal innovation leadership canvas and plans for implementation in his/her department or team after the program. In addition this module helps participants to understand innovation management strategies and practices in the private sector and how these may be beneficial to executives in fostering effective innovation in government. Participants will have opportunities to hear how private sector CEOs innovative to learn and appreciate what innovation practices work in the in government and debate on which of these practices may work in the government sector.

Module IV: Applied Business Project – Each participant explores his or her organization for innovation opportunity – an opportunity, with the support of peers, to create value by designing and deploying resources and capabilities in new ways to enhance value and performance that generates a return for the organization.

Post-program Forum

Annual Government Innovation and Performance Forum designed to allows strategic conversation on the latest trends and issues in government, leadership and high performance in Africa and networking among practitioners.

Team Attendance

It is so much the better to bring some colleagues to the program because some solutions activities require effort. Hence, it’s always good to have a team, rather just one person, to return to your company to try to implement what you’ve learned.


Participants who complete the program receive the Advanced Executive Certificate in Government Innovation & Performance.

Program Fee

Program design and delivery, faculty amenities, case licensing fees, course materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch are included.

Program Fees: 3 Days Program GHC 3,999.00
*Excludes VAT
10% Discount for 3-4 participants from the same company | 15% discounts for 5 or more from the same