Logo and Identity

The blooming image of a flower is integrated with a human element, indicating the bloom/growth/evolution of a person

This reflects our brand identity represented
in the three words

Discover. Lead. Share.


We train and educate our students to
develop inquisitive minds, ask insightful
questions, and engage in thoughtful, rigorous
re-search to discover new organizational
knowledge and practices. All our programs,
at every level, have a thesis component.


Our students become
thought-leaders and leading
thinkers in the knowledge and
practices they discover.


Many can appreciate the joy of receiving a
beautiful flower gift. Likewise our students, as
scholars, share the gift of new know-ledge and
practices in their teaching, training and other
engage-ments with companies, organizations, and


The School Color

The color of our logo is maroon – which gives a deeper reflection of our identity. Maroon symbolizes the passion, professionalism, confidence, creativity, excitement and courage of our faculty and students in the pursuit of new knowledge and practices as well as their love in sharing what they discover.