NiBS Advantage– Why Executive Students Choose Us!

We understand your needs as an executive student.

There are many reasons why executives like you take on the onerous task of pursuing a post-graduate degree, knowing the time and financial demands involved. Our research with our students suggests that:

  • Many want to prove to themselves that they can achieve the highest academic qualification there is, and to become thought-leaders in their professions.
  • Most want to leave a lasting leadership legacy – produce a thesis that creates a new contribution to business, management, and leadership knowledge and practice in Africa.
  • Some want to demonstrate to their children and grandchildren the value of education and hard work – that you can achieve anything you set your mind on.
  • Others want to build new leadership knowledge and skills to advance in their careers, or branch into new careers such as consulting or teaching.
  • Some want, at some point, to pursue an academic career to help students qualify for the real world.
  • Others want to go beyond learning about existing knowledge to a whole new level – creating and sharing new knowledge and practices to change how companies operate.
  • Whatever their reasons all our students want to build a better world by asking new and interesting questions, to discover new answers, lead and share new ideas, knowledge and practices to improve business practice and society.

We understand the concerns and the challenges you face.

We understand the concerns and challenges you face as a busy executive taking on the task of being a postgraduate student, including:

  • Juggling work, family and trying to squeeze in time for a master or doctoral study
  • Whether or not you will receive the support you need to navigate through the program,
  • Whether you can successfully complete the program
  • Whether you can earn your degree in the period required
  • Whether the degree program is genuine and accredited by the government and other appropriate bodies.
  • Whether you can afford the program fees

Our Solution: Graduate-On-Time (GOT) Model

Executive-friendly program design and delivery

with the busy executive in mind each course is delivered in block format, face – to – face on campus, and where necessary on LIVE digital platform:

  • For a doctorate program over a few days every two – three months
  • For a master program a few hours a day over several days in a month.

In both cases, the program schedule is given to you far in advance to allow you to plan your busy schedule.

Research Fellow Support

Under agreed policy guidelines, full-time research fellows provide you support throughout the program.

Timely Completion

You start your thesis from day one. We help you in your first class to develop your topic. We have found that this approach ensures timely completion. Our students applaud this innovation in our model.

Combination of coursework and thesis

We combine course work with thesis writing by ensuring that most of your assignments are related to your thesis project. This ensures speedy and timely completion by avoiding the problems associated with the traditional method of thesis completion.

Thesis writing workshops

In traditional schools, thesis writing is unstructured, ad hoc and lonely. We organize thesis writing workshops, each lasting two to three days at a time, to provide opportunities for Professors and Research Fellows to support the writing of your thesis in a formal school setting.

Research Seminars

You present different sections of your thesis at several compulsory research seminars where professors and colleagues help refine your ideas and support your efforts.

Genuine, accredited degrees.

In an era of rampant availability of fake degrees you cannot take any risks with your education. The degree programs we offer under mentorship of our partners are all genuine and accredited by the appropriate bodies.

High graduation rate

So far we have achieved a graduation success rate of about 85% per cohort. We are working hard to improve this rate. In the past two years 2018 and 2019, we have graduated 77 senior executives from Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries.


We offer fee-reduction scholarships of significant value to students who meet certain conditions. We also offer flexible fee payment terms.