Extraordinary socio-political and economic developments are spawning new rules, incentives and opportunities for development in Africa. Yet, the adoption of the traditional model of business education in Africa means that we are unable to tackle an important contradiction in the African condition – abundant resources and opportunities and yet high levels of unemployment and poverty of many university graduates. More than ever, Africa needs executives with advanced cognitive leadership skills to discover the limitations of current management practices, develop deep insights into what works and what does not work, and to conduct rigorous discovery for new knowledge and next practices suitable for the African context.

The new dynamics of Africa require business graduates and leaders who regard understanding and appreciation of the African context as the foundation of unbiased analysis, nuanced evaluation of organizational practices, and creative originality. In short, we need business leaders who remain committed to the rewards of free inquiry and experimentation.

Our research-focused educational model requires students and participants to focus on compelling organizational challenges and seek answers to insightful questions. We encourage them to create new knowledge, practices, and new business ventures by looking at the bigger picture, testing ideas in the field to discover new insights, probing the importance of the new discovery and analyzing the impact of implementation. In the end, our students and participants develop habits of the mind – at once flexible and insightful, informed by experience, yet oriented towards innovation.

Our outstanding faculty members and institutional partners take exceptional pride in guiding our students and participants on their journey of discovery. By engaging academics and executives as faculty, we create the dynamics that bridge the gap between learning and doing and thus equip students and participants to thrive in an increasingly complex African context.

As Founder and President, it my goal is to work with faculty, students, friends, institutional mentors and partners to provide students and corporate clients with the opportunities to unleash their potential as agents of innovation in organizations and society.

Welcome to NiBS.

Discover. Lead. Share.

Professor Kwaku Atuahene-Gima

Founder & President