Academic Doctorate Programs at a Glance

  • Block Modular Course Delivery
  • Focused on Academic Publications
  • Research Fellow Support
  • Face to Face On-Campus Classes
  • LIVE face to face Digital Channel Classes, where necessary
  • 3 – 4 years completion period
  • Several Doctoral Seminars
  • Enrolment – April/May and September/October

Locations : Ghana

Programs with Degrees Awarded by GIMPA

Programs Director’s Message

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Theodora AkweleyAsiamah

NiBS, while still quite young, has already established a stellar international reputation as a world-class university, with demonstrated excellence in a number of essential doctoral disciplines. Our faculty, with diverse backgrounds in Marketing, Finance, Innovation, Management, Leadership, Human Resource Management (HRM), Organizational Behavior, Economics, and Entrepreneurship among others is recognized as an outstanding body of scholars.This unique and timely program is possible because we do not have the traditional mindset of playing ‘god’ with thesis supervision – a common ‘migraine’ and ‘night-mare’ for doctoral students. One key aspect of a PhD is developing a lifelong bond between the thesis supervisor and the student. At NiBS, students work hand-in-hand with their supervisors to produce world-class research. Above all, students receive utmost support from thesis supervisors who are always available to help. NiBS also offers candidates the tools and knowledge required to make vital contributions to their fields of study. As a PhD student at NiBS, your research will advance knowledge in your chosen field.

During your study, you will gain the experiential knowledge of how to contribute to an existing body of research. In the PhD program at NiBS, we rigorously train and equip students with strong analytical and research skills in social inquiry and to disseminate knowledge in scholarly journals and other publication outlets to contribute to the theoretical and empirical knowledge and practice of disciplines in Business Administration.

We look forward to seeing you in the program!

Best wishes.

Department Contacts

Dr. Theodora AkweleyAsiamah

Programs Director
+233 (0) 244 781 245 / +233 (0) 057 868 8811

Jennifer Sika Nketiah

Programs Manager, Ghana
+233 (0) 278 961 059

Benedict Asiedu Amankwah

Programs Manager, Ghana
+233 (0) 262 367 830

Ignatius Udofia

Programs Manager, Nigeria
+234 (0) 802 142 4919