Program Overview

The PhD program offered by NiBS is designed to improve the quality of business education. It is designed to adequately prepare candidates to pursue careers in a university and polytechnic setting as full-time faculty members where research and teaching will be their primary focus. The program has a focus on new theory and knowledge development with a heavy emphasis on a variety of research methodologies and publication.

Duration: - 3 - 4 years

Admission Requirements:

Master degree in business, management and other non-business disciplines.


The core courses (3-credits each) emphasize the development of skills in understanding theories and practices of business administration

Core Courses

MGT 801 Managing Organizations credits
MGT 802 Business Economics credits
MGT 803 Accounting for Decision-Making credits
MGT 804 Marketing Management credits
MGT 805 Managing Operations credits
MGT 806 Managerial Finance credits
MGT 900 Scientific Inquiry and Theory Development credits
MGT 901 Qualitative Research I credits
MGT 902 Qualitative Research Methods II credits
MGT 903 Quantitative Research credits
MGT 904 Advanced Quantitative Research credits

Specialization 12 credits in one of the following areas


MGT 810 Corporate Finance Theory and Research 3 credits
MGT 811 Investment Theory and Research 3 credits
MGT 812 Special Topics in Finance 6 credits


MGT 813 Organizational Theory 3 credits
MGT 814 Theory in Organizational Behaviour 3 credits
MGT 815 Special Topics in Management 6 credits


MGT 816 Theory in Marketing Strategy 3 credits
MGT 817 Consumer Behavior Theory and Research 3 credits
MGT 818 Special Topics in Marketing 6 credits

Strategy & Innovation

MGT 819 Strategic Innovation Theory 3 credits
MGT 820 New Product Development 3 credits
MGT 821 Special Topics in Innovation 6 credits

Organizational Leadership

MGT 822 Leadership Theory and Practice 3 credits
MGT 823 Leadership Issues in Emerging Markets 3 credits
MGT 824 Special Topics in Leadership 6 credits

Teaching and Publishing Seminars

MGT 905 Teaching Seminar 3 credits
MGT 906 Publishing Seminar 3 credits

MGT 907 Doctoral Thesis 24 credits

Degree Awarded:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

Discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge
that would nourish the new African dawn.

Department Contacts

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Programs Manager, Ghana
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Programs Manager, Ghana
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Programs Manager, Nigeria
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