Doctor of Business Administration

Ultimate Degree for Experienced Business Executives

hodThere are extraordinary political and economic developments in Africa which are spawning new rules, incentives and opportunities for development and fueling new sources of engagement within the global economy. These changes pose three new challenges to executives operating in Africa. The first challenge is the development of new practical models for understanding, evaluating, and affecting the efficient and fair practice of business in Africa. More than ever, Africa needs executives with advanced cognitive leadership skills to discover the limitations of current management practices, develop deeper insights into what works and what does not work, develop and apply new knowledge and next practices based on rigorous and sound empirical evidence. The NIBS doctoral program helps executives develop the ‘practitioner-scholar’ ability, with applied research and analytical skills to navigate these new business challenges by making evidence-based decisions.
Secondly, in the midst of increasing number of business schools in Africa, there is severe shortage of doctoral business practitioners and faculty. This situation adversely affects the quality of business school graduates. When US educational leaders foresaw this kind of situation in 2002, AACSB International recommended that institutions design and deliver executive doctorates. Majority of graduates of executive doctoral programs in the US and other countries pursue careers in academia. They bring the requisite business experience to the classroom allowing business students to qualify for the real world. The NIBS program responds to the doctoral business faculty shortage in Africa by developing applied research, publishing and teaching capacity of senior executives.
The third challenge is that, given the increasing dynamism and complexity in the African business, many executives have high intellectual ambition to advance an area of practice in industry. They want to go beyond learning of existing knowledge to a whole new level – creating and sharing new knowledge and practices. They want to change how companies operate, how they see themselves, and how the world sees them. The NIBS program responds by addressing the lifelong learning needs of intellectually active professionals who already possess advanced degrees in their fields but wish to continue their education at the highest level; and are committed to pursuing a rigorous program with an aim to become thought-leaders in their industries.
In the DBA brochure, we provide you with information about our doctoral program for experienced executives. You will collaborate with other executive participants and leading professors in an enlightening learning journey that will bring the best in you to achieve your highest personal and professional goals. Many say this is a new dawn for Africa, but the dawn requires executive creativity and innovation in business practice to emerge and shine. Our program helps you to discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge that would nourish the new African dawn.

Dr. Hod Anyigba, FCE
Aggregate Professor of  Economics and Entrepreneurship 
Director, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program


“As African economies and organizations evolve and business problems grow in complexity, new knowledge and practices must be generated by the new generation of business leaders. This requires more rigorous inquiry in the African context so that leaders are able to make evidence-based decisions. Many believe that German companies are well-managed and resilient because over 75% of German business executives hold professional doctorates. Our doctoral program blends Swiss excellence with local knowledge allowing you to develop deeper insights into real business problems in pursuit of new and relevant evidence-based solutions.”

Professor Per V. Jenster
Chairman and Founding President, Nordic International
Management Institute (NIMI), Founder and Professor of
Strategic Management, CIMID, Switzerland, and former
Professor of Strategy, China Europe International
Business School (CEIBS). Vice President of NIBS.

“An executive doctoral degree program requires you to conduct research that is useful for practice by studying how theories are applicable in practice. A doctorate serves as a vehicle for self-managed development into a leading professional taking forward an area of practice. By studying at this level, you prepare yourself to think critically about your field and face the challenges that will arise throughout your career.”

Prof. Niclas Adler, Babson Global Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice, Babson College, USA.
Founding President, Indonesia International Institute of Life Sciences (i3L),
President of IPMI International Business School and
Former CEO and Dean, Jongkoping International Business School, Sweden.

“Given the increasing dynamism and complexity in the African business context, many executives have high intellectual ambition to advance an area of practice in industry by pursuing a doctorate. You want to go beyond learning of knowledge to a whole new level – creating and sharing new knowledge and practices. You want to change how companies operate, how you see yourself, and how the world sees you. NIBS doctoral program for executives gives you the opportunity to take your career and personal life to promising new heights”.


Prof. Dr. John Isaac Graham Meewella
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, i3L Indonesia
International Institute of Life Sciences; and Managing
Director, Global Expansions & Associate Professor of
Entrepreneurship at the Oulu Business School, Finland.

“With its modular delivery method, a cohort model of admission, doctoral thesis writing seminars and other features specifically designed to ensure high completion rates for executive students, the NIBS doctoral program creates the right platform for you to do what you have always wanted to do – to redefine and advance areas of practice in your profession.”


Prof. Howard Ward, Founding President Emeritus &
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership,
Nordic International Management Institute (NIMI);
Former Professor of Organizational Behavior, China
Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and
Manchester Business School.



  • Internationally recognized doctorate degree, Program ranked Premier DBA Program by the CEO magazine. 

  • Develop advanced cognitive leadership skills to discover the limitations of current management practices

  • Develop insights into what works and what does not work through evidence-based research

  • Get access to a strong network of Top business executives across Africa

  • Develop knowledge and skills to teach business related courses at the University level

  • Become an expert through -leader in business administration.

  • Develop into a 'practioner-scholar' able to conduct and publish the results of applied business research

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    Program Fee

    (Please contact program manager)
    Benedict: +233 (0) 262 367 830 | Gifty: +233 (0) 560 911 173
    Fee includes course materials, supervisor fees, teaching assistance,library access (including online), faculty amenities, research assistance, research fellow support  and program amenities such as coffee breaks and lunch during classes

    Please Note:
    Graduation fee (e.g. cap and gown hire or purchase, thesis examination, thesis proof reading, thesis binding, mock and final dissertation defence, graduation ceremony and amenities, etc) is not included in these fees.



    The Innovation Management Academy (IMA), a major sponsor of the NiBS Doctor of Business Administration program, may provide assistance for deserving qualified students on case by case basis.



    Admission Requirements

    • Master/MPhil Degree

      Master/MPhil Degree in Management, Business (e.g.,MBA or EMBA) and/or Professional Qualification to demonstrate foundation knowledge of business and management; with no less than 5 years management experience; or

    • Bachelors Degree

      First degree of at least second upper standard in business and management with minimum of 15 years senior level management experience and minimum of 10 years of significant leadership responsibility or

    • Professional Qualification

      Professional qualifications (ICA, ACCA, CIM, CIMA, etc) with 5 years relevant work experience;

    • 2 passport size photographs

    • Completed and duly signed application form

    • Official academic transcripts

    • Complete Curriculum Vitae indicating professional experiences

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q: What is the DBA?

    A: The DBA is a three-year, modular doctoral program that prepares senior managers and executives to rigorously discover, lead, and share to have knowledge and practice in their fields, Our objective is to develop a cadre of highly trained business leaders who understand rigorous applied management research which is to enhance the competitive capacity of enterprise and organization. The program gives participants the skills they need to break down complex issues and discover new knowledge through analytical reasoning and inquiry with evidence based research.

    Q: Who should consider the DBA?

    A: The DBA is designed for working professionals in senior leadership positions in organizations. Candidates should have at least 5 years of management experience, 7-10 of which should be at the senior management or executive level.

    Q: What level of previous education should I have?

    A: Candidates should hold an MBA/EMBA or Professional Qualification to demonstrate foundation knowledge of business and management; with no less than 5 years management experience
    First degree of 2A standard (Second upper) in business and management with minimum of 15 years senior level management experience and a minimum of 10 years of significant leadership responsibility.
    Non –business Master’s degree applicant must demonstrate foundation knowledge of business and management by successfully completing business foundation program before admission into the doctoral program.

    Q: How much does the program cost?

    A: The total cost for the entire program for 2015 cohort is $37,995. This includes tuition and affiliation fee ($25,000), program management fees and amenities during the required residencies and supervision ($12,995). Students are responsible for travel to and from the on-campus residences. Upon accepting an offer of admission you would be required to pay $6,500 to hold your place.

    Q: How much does it cost to apply?

    A: The application fee is $300. The fee is non-refundable

    Q: What do I need to include in my application?

    A: You should include academic transcripts and certificates (EMBA/ MBA) from a recognized university, a current resume, two recent passport pictures, and the $300 application fee.

    Q: Do I need to travel to ACCRA to participate?

    A: Yes. You will be required to come to Accra for lectures every 2 to 3 months for a few days of 2-3 through a series of on-campus residencies that will take place over two to four day weekends. During these residencies, there will be face-to-face classroom instruction and seminars.

    Q: How long is the program?

    A: The Executive DBA is a three year, ‘’modular’’ program.

    Q: Is NIBS –NAB Accredited?

    A: Yes, NIBS is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana.

    Q: What degree will I be awarded?

    A: Upon successful completion of the degree requirements you will be awarded a Doctor of Business Administration from Swiss Business School, Zurich

    Q: Do you run online course content

    A: We do not have online platform – rather we use a two-level supervisory model as well as one-online supervisor approach that have proven successful in our previous doctorate program engagement.

    Q: Do you have a good stocked Library

    A: We have a resourceful library as well as research assistance in securing research articles.

    Q: Do you run weekend programs

    A: Our program sometimes run through weekends but it is not a weekend program.

    Q: Do you have advisor –student interactive room

    A: Yes.

    Q. Do you have plan for payment of program fees by installment?

    A: NIBS have developed a flexible installment plan for payment of program fees.

    Q. How committed and qualified are your lecturers?

    A: Our Professors are experienced professional and result-oriented Lecturers, who have global exposure, all have doctorate degree

    Q. Where is the location of the University?

    A: NIBS is located at 7 Oleander Street, East Legon, Accra.

    Q. Do you provide counseling services for students?

    A: Yes; NIBS has a Counselor who will assist you in making the right academic and program decisions.

    Q. I am a student at another school – can I transfer to NIBS?

    A: NO. We do not grant credit for work done elsewhere.

    Q. As a student of NIBS, can I use the School’s accommodation services?

    A: NO – we don’t have a hostel because of the modular design we have, but we can help with hotel arrangement for you.

    Q. As a student of the University can I get any careers advice?

    A: Yes – but because most of our students are top executives and senior management professionals, we most at times refer them to professional counselor’s or psychologist.

    Q. I need to obtain a transcript – who do I contact?

    A: You will need to come to the Director of Academic Services office to fill a form, make payment, and then the transcript can be issued within 7 working days. If you are outside the country, identify someone to make payment on your behalf (give the person an authorization note) and the transcript will be sent to an address of your choice, or the person with the authorization can collect it for you.

    Q. I recently graduated and haven’t received my certificate – who can I contact about this?

    A: The Academic Director is responsible for issuing all students certificates. Contact the Director on +233 – (0) 269 695 863 or

    Q. Do you offer EMBA/ MBA program?

    A: Yes. click this link to visit learn about emba program

    Q. Do you offer Executive Education programs?

    A: YES. Executive Education programs are available in a variety of subjects and levels through NIBS.

    Q. When do courses start?

    A: No specific date, we run a cohort system, so anytime a cohort is ready, we can start a program.

    Q. Are scholarships available?

    A: NO but there is a financial aid and a referral programs that can help you pay part of your fees.

    Q. When was Nobel International Business School founded?

    A: New boutique school in 2014.

    Q: How many students do you enroll/admit in a cohort?

    A: Limited Executive students not exceeding 35.

    Q: What happens if I cannot attend one of the residencies?

    A: Residencies are an integral part of the DBA program. You should plan to attend all residencies. In case of a medical or similar emergency, please talk to us at the earliest opportunity.
    Missing a residency you will adversely affect the progress of your study.

    DBA Online Application Form

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    Benedict Asiedu
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