We develop a cadre of highly trained business leaders who understand rigorous applied management research with which to enhance the competitive capacity of enterprises and organizations.

Program Benefits

  •  Internationally recognized doctorate degree
  •  Additional Masters of Applied Business Research certificate
  •  Network with other top business leaders
  • Access NiBS executive education training seminars
  •  Improve writing skill through doctoral seminars
  •  Membership of the Academy of Executive Doctors in Africa (AEDA)

Program Features

  • Highly motivated international scholars
  • Integration of coursework with thesis writing
  • Technical assistance from dedicated research fellows
  • Group supervision to speed up writing for early completion
  • Peer support and learning teams


Admission in Progress


“I think you know that the German economy is one of the most efficient, successful and resilient in the world, and that German companies are among the best managed in the world. What you may not know is that more than 75% of German entrepreneurs and senior executives in companies hold a doctorate degree! I believe a doctorate serves as a vehicle for self-managed development into a leading professional taking forward an area of practice. A doctorate drives high performance in organizations because executives make evidence-based decisions on complex business issues. I am gaining my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the Nobel International Business School (NIBS) the smart way and becoming an expert thought-leader in the process. I am putting my experience to use by completing a challenging thesis on The Commoditization of IT Services in Emerging Economies. In less than 3 years, I will discover, lead and share new knowledge and practices in the field of Information Technology. The DBA at NIBS is life changing personally and professionally.”

Mrs. Mercy Omari Tenkorang

Executive Director, DevApps Limited

“I think you know that a lot has changed since you finished your MBA, EMBA or professional program. Businesses and organizations have become more complex and these degrees can get you so far. There is a lot more to be researched and understood. Whereas these programs teach you the tools and methods of how to do things, the doctoral program trains you to understand why situations arise in organizations and how to resolve them in a research-oriented way. The ability to carve out sometime to get on top of this new thinking is really what this DBA degree is about. I also want to escape the MBA/EMBA/ACCA/CA inflation. The DBA can help me stand out in a way that these qualifications just do not go deeply enough. The DBA, as the ultimate degree, provides the exclusivity that few degrees offer to the experienced executive.”

Victor K. Adawudu

Managing Partner, Adawudu Legal Consultancy

Program Partner and Accreditations