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More and more, both private and public sector organizations in Ghana have challenging and complex leadership issues that we all see and share. Fortunately, there are people like you who do feel a deep commitment to positive leadership that improves organizations and makes life better.

In remarks he was to deliver on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy wrote ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’. Not only do great leaders never stop learning, their success is measured by what new knowledge and practices they discover, lead and share to inspire others. With leaders like you in mind, the Nobel International Business School (NiBS), in collaboration with SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich Switzerland, offer a new doctoral degree program focused on generating powerful leadership ideas to help solve Africa’s most pressing problems.

This 3-year part-time program is designed for senior executives like you who want to prepare to lead in the C – Suite to build and sustain high-performance organizations. The program delivers critical knowledge and skills in current leadership theory and practice. This foundation empowers you through applied and reflective thinking to situate leadership problems and opportunities in the right theory context. You are then able, with the support of our faculty and assistance from your own dedicated research fellow, to complete a doctoral thesis that offers creative and powerful leadership solutions.

This program is for a select few highly experienced and accomplished senior executives who aspire to lead in the C – Suite. You and your peers from Ghana and around Africa are immersed in a collaborative, creative and inspiring environment led by faculty from NiBS and partner institutions. The personal and intellectual relationships that flourish between you and your peers would become the most valuable legacy of your DBL degree experience, providing you with ongoing opportunities and lifelong friendships. It’s an experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

I look forward to seeing you in the program.

Dr. Theodora Akweley Asiamah
Assistant Professor of Management
Director, DBL Program

Program Mission

To develop a cadre of highly trained business leaders private and public institutions who understand rigorous applied management research with which to enhance the competitive capacity of enterprises and organizations.


The overall objective of this programme is to develop new types of leaders – with greater personal confidence, ability to find evidence-based solutions to organizational problems, ability to lead and share new knowledge and practices thereby lead organizational adaptation in uncertain and dynamic environments.

This objective will be achieved by:

  • Enabling participants to develop a deeper understanding of leadership theory and its implications for leadership practice.
  • Enabling participants to develop their skills in understanding, evaluating and creating new knowledge within their profession, thereby making an individual and independent contribution to the development/ enhancement of professional practice in business leadership.
  • Developing their ability to conduct and publish the results of rigorous applied leadership research that advances an area of knowledge and practice.
  • Developing their ability to teach/transfer their knowledge in the various fields of leadership.
  • Producing a thesis based on high-quality original research of publishable standard, demonstrating critical evaluation and synthesis of the literature and professional leadership practice


To many observers, leadership is the bane of Africa. There have been incessant calls for a rethink in the leadership paradigm of African leaders in business, government and other organizations. The leadership challenge confronting organizations and governments in Africa provokes the need to develop new practical leadership models for understanding, evaluating, and addressing the increasingly complex issues within Africa. The NiBS DBL program equips candidates to accelerate their leadership development by assisting them in building on their experiences to develop new leadership solutions suitable for the African context.

Program Vision

To develop and prepare leaders to more effectively assume overall leadership responsibility within the C-Suite in business, government, non-profit and other organizations.

Program Duration and Time Limits

The program may be completed in 3 years . An extension of not more than one year may be granted on application.

Program Delivery

The program is designed and delivered in modular format for the benefit of busy, working executive leaders.

  • Each module is delivered  over 3 days in intensive face-to-face classes and interactions with Professors.

  • A 3 day class is delivered  – Friday – Sunday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

You attend approximately 35 days of classes over the duration of the program

Timely and Successful Completion

We have several ways to help you complete the program successfully and on time.

  • Professors can suggest a research topic if you do not have one

  • Research Assistance – Full-time Research Fellow who offer assistance adn support in your study

  • Combine coursework with thesis writing, allowing for seamless on-time completion.

  • You start your thesis from day one

  • Doctoral writing seminars to speed up your thesis writing

  • Supervisor – Professors supervise your thesis-related post module assignment; Group supervisor and peer to peer feedback

  • Study in Learning Teams – Students whose research fall in the same or similar intellectual domain will work as group to support each other.

  • Develop the skills to be the leader in the C-Suite
  • Develop a deeper understanding of leadership theory and its implications for leadership practice in Africa.
  • Leave a legacy – produce a thesis that creates a new contribution to leadership knowledge and practice in Africa.
  • Develop into a ‘practitioner-scholar’ able to conduct and publish the results of applied leadership research.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to teach leadership and governance at the University level.
  • Become an expert thought-leader in leadership and governance

Pre-thesis Stage

  • DBL 900 – Organizational Behavior Theory (3 credits)

  • DBL 901 – Leadership Theory and Practice (4 credits)

  • DBL 902 – Contemporary Issues in Leadership (3 credits)

  • DBL 903 – Qualitative Research Methods in Leadership (4 credits)

  • DBL 904 – Quantitative Research Methods in Leadership (4 credits)

  • DBL 905 – Innovation and Change Leadership (3 credits)

  • DBL 906 – Leadership Ethics, Governance and Social Responsibility (3 credits)

Doctoral thesis Stage

  • DBL 907 – Teaching Seminar (2 Credits)

  • DBL 908 – Teaching Practicum (4 Credits)

  • DBL 909 – Doctoral Research Project I (12 credits)

  • DBL 910 – Doctoral Research Project II (12 credits)

  • DBL 911 – Doctoral Research Project III (12 credits)

  • DBL 911 – Doctoral Research Project III (12 credits)

You will recieve 3 certificates during the program

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership from NiBS
  • Master of Applied Leadership Research (MALR) from SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) from SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.

Program Fee

(Please contact program manager)
Benedict: +233 (0) 262 367 830

Fee includes course materials, supervisor fees, teaching assistance,library access (including online), faculty amenities, research assistance, research fellow support and program amenities such as coffee breaks and lunch during classes.

Please Note :
Graduation fee (eg. cap and gown hire or purchase, thesis examination, thesis proof reading,  thesis binding, mock and final dissertation defense, graduation ceremony and amenities, etc) is not included in these fees.


The Innovation Management Academy (IMA), a major sponsor of the NiBS Doctor of Business Leadership program, may provide assistance for deserving qualified students on case by case basis

Admission Requirements

  • Master/MPhil Degree

    Master’s degree (e.g., MBA, EMBA, MPhil , MA, MSc ) in business, management or related area or equivalent qualification with at least 5 years leadership experience in a business, public and other organizations; or

  • Bachelors Degree

    Second class lower- with at least 10 years leadership experience  responsibility in business, public and other organizations; or

  • Professional Qualification

    Professional Qualification (e.g., ACCA, AIB, ICA, ICMA, etc) with at least 10 years leadership
    experiences in a business, public and other organizations;

  • 2 passport size photographs

  • Completed and duly signed application form

  • Official academic transcripts

  • Complete Curriculum Vitae (CV) indicating professional experiences

DBL Application Form

Please use the form below to apply to the NiBS Doctor of Business Leadership Program, or download the application form below


    Please fill at least one of the following Sections for Master Certificate or Undergraduate Degree

    Let us have your professional qualification (ICA, ACCA, CIM, CIMA, etc) if any


Benedict Asiedu  Amankwah
DBL, Program Manager
Tel: +233 (0) 262 367 830

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