NIBS Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading practical business school in Africa which develops, educates and trains business leaders and professionals throughout their careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in developing innovative thought leaders who have habits of the mind – at once flexible and insightful, informed by experience and yet oriented towards innovation so that they can be agents of both economic prosperity and transformative social change in Africa.

We achieve this mission by:

What makes NIBS Different?

  • Discovery-rich Performance Learning (DPL) Model – an educational approach with an
    emphasis on training through work-integrated practice (doing) and team learning –
    whereby for each program participants work in the field and with teaching companies to
    discover real organizational challenges and opportunities, and apply their knowledge to
    solve the problems by developing actionable plans and/or create new business ventures.
  • Discover-Do-Believe-Know (DDBK) logic underpins our program design and delivery to
    develop ‘executive thinkers and doers’, who:

    • Discover and understand the management challenges facing the company;
    • Do things differently to provide viable solutions using the best (and next) practice management tools and methodologies to assess their effectiveness and advantages over current tools they use,
    • Believe in the new management knowledge and associated tools they learn by
      phasing out outdated practices and demonstrating new behaviors and values, and
    • Know the importance of, and show commitment to, continuous new learning for
      personal and organizational improvement and innovation.