Program Design

Each program is designed and delivered in 3 seamless phases:

  • Phase I – Pre-program learning: Participants refresh their subject knowledge through assigned readings and work in parallel on identifying and outlining management challenges they will focus on solving throughout the program. Exchanges between participants and Faculty are facilitated – ahead of the program to ensure clarity of the management challenges and their incorporation to the program design.
  • Phase II – In-program learning: Participants will interact with NIBS Faculty members – all thought leaders in their respective fields – as well as seasoned executive guest speakers. Participants will be supported and motivated to develop a consistent and clear action plan to address the management challenges. Off-campus visits may be organized to complement the real-world classroom learning.
  • Phase III – Post-program execution and learning – moving forward: Participants work on defined and updated agenda and share insights and learning with Faculty and peer participants. Where desired, each participant or team will have support to execute his/her action plans through interactions with other participants and Faculty.