CPA In Business Innovation & Growth

Program Overview

These are difficult and challenging times for companies in every sector of the economy. Yet, some companies manage to grow profitably while others stagnate. What are the secrets of the high growth companies? This program argues that the way to remain profitable in challenging times is to go on the offensive with innovation to develop value-creating strategies and models for profitable growth. But for many companies, moving into high gear with innovation poses real and significant challenges. In most firms understanding of the key elements in innovation management are almost non-existent, good solid best-practice processes for innovation are missing, innovation leadership capabilities are almost non-existent among managers and many misconceptions and half-truths about innovation persist. The BIGA program is designed to help you master the fundamentals of successfully initiating and building innovation culture in your organization. Using case studies, experiential exercises, interactive lectures and coaching sessions, this program provides the toolkit, mindset and your personal innovation leadership charter and action plan to achieve new sources of growth.

Program Benefits
After completing the program, participants should:
• Understand the new landscape of innovation and what it takes to lead sustaining and breakthrough innovations
• Get insights on how to embed a culture of innovation across the organization
• Get a taste of processes and methods to understand customer and market insights, and test rapidly what works and what does not work
• Learn about processes on how to source and lead teams to create and grow innovative solutions
• Learn creative techniques and methods that underlay some of the most successful innovations
• Create an action plan to identify next steps in your workplace, and have your own continued innovation leadership development plan
Program Content
• Innovation and strategies for growth – basic principles of innovation management and growth, and how innovation drives a firm’s growth and survival; building innovative culture; innovation leadership practices and processes; sustaining and breakthrough innovations; conduct an innovation audit; and relate concepts and frameworks to reflect on the innovation challenges in your organization.
• New product & service development – How to you conceive, develop and launch superior new products and services; factors separate successful and unsuccessful new products and services; best practices for new products and services.
• Competing through business model innovation – business models innovation for growth; nature of business models, the different types of business models and associated key questions and answers required to innovate; ascertaining how the business model helps the organization to create and capture value, how to innovate your business model.
• Innovation Leadership

Who Should Attend?
This program will benefit senior executives across a wide array of functions within the company and those in non-profit and public sector organizations. Attendees may include CEOs and executives responsible for accounting & finance, marketing, sales, research and development, product design and development, business development, marketing, brand management, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, HR, etc

Program Fee:
$995 (USD) or its equivalent in Ghana Cedis or Nigerian Naira

20th July – 22nd July, 2017. (Accra – Ghana)
27th July – 29th July, 2017 (Lagos – Nigeria)

Program Fee – includes program design and delivery, tuition, case licensing fees, program materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch

Program Fee Discount Offer
• 10% discount for up to 5 people from the same organization.
• 15% discount for more than 5 executives from the same organization

Upon successful completion of all sessions you receive the Certificate of Professional Achievement in Business Innovation & Growth from NIBS and SBS Swiss Business School.