Solutions Marketing and Differentiation Strategy (SMDS) Program

Go beyond products for a creative value proposition!


Most business executives still think about businesses and organizations in terms of traditional products and services. Yet, customers are not interested in products and services per se. Customers hire products and services as instruments or tools to provide solutions to their problems and challenges. This new thinking has profound implications for organizational culture, business strategy, the nature of competition and marketing. This program is designed to spark the breakthrough ideas business leaders need to create a company-wide solutions mind-set and strategies. It offers penetrating insights into what customer’s see as value during the entire customer journey and activity cycle. It thereby allows participants to discover the hidden potentials in their products and services and thus, new and more powerful levers for differentiation.

Program Content

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The logic for solutions as an organization-wide behavior and culture
  • Definition of solutions from the customer’s perspective
  • The components of customers’ definition of value and implications for defining what business you are in’ markets and competitors
  • Process for uncovering valuable solutions in customer interactions
  • The mapping of product and services attributes that provide solutions and those that do not
  • Creating a customer value proposition from solution rather than product/service perspectives
  • Pricing of solutions
  • How to develop solutions differentiation tools and use them for organizational and market differentiation and for business model innovation
  • Implications of solutions mind-set culture for competitive advantage

Program Benefits

Upon completing the program, participants will:

  • Understand what it takes to build a solution differentiation mindset across functions
  • Be provided with the frameworks and tools to articulate and implement solution differentiation activities
  • Develop and understand the new solutions language to have meaningful conversations in the organization
  • Begin the journey of turning your organization into a solutions company rather than product/service company.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for upper to middle level leaders who are responsible for or make strong contribution to their companies’ strategy, vision and operational priorities. These may include leaders in the C-suite, HR, sales and marketing, strategy, operations, finance and accounting, business development, etc

Program Duration:

4 days

Program Fees:

GHC 4,999.00 – Includes program design and delivery, faculty amenities, case licensing fees, course materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch.


Executive Certificate in Solutions Marketing and Differentiation Strategy