The Diamond Model of Service Competition: A Focus on Banking and Telecoms

Program Overview

Diamonds, we know, are forever! In this era of experience competition four elemental diamonds forever will underpin and define high performance in organizations: Strategy, Innovation, Digitization and Customer experience (SIDC). Most leaders often fail to take full advantage of the diamond model because they make the mistake considering each element as sufficient in and of itself. Lasting competitive differential advantage demands that leaders uncover the ‘strategic sweet spot’ among the SIDC elements to facilitate their combination into a value loop and thereby drive growth and profitability in a seamless fashion.

In this seminar, we will introduce you to the foundations of the ‘strategic sweet spot’ of the diamond model and show you how you can leverage SIDC components into a coherent, forceful and self-reinforcing strategy for the future.

For Who?

  • CEO’s and Senior Executives in the banking and telecom industry.