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NiBS holds Digital Business Forum on Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


Following the importance of understanding digital trends, digital talent, and mounting cybersecurity, NiBS organized a full-day conference at the “Best Western Premier Hotel” on the theme:  Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency; a Revolution or a Fad.

The conference saw the participation of over 70 top business executives, learners and experts in the Cryptocurrency field.

The speakers also span across various industries. They are:

Casper van der Elst – Certified Bitcoin Professional from SBS Swiss Business School. Casper talked about the basics of the blockchain technology and the architecture behind it. He also delved into the impact of Crypto or digital currency on governments, society, and Industry. During his presentation, he narrowed down to the intrinsic value of bitcoin, the price volatility, and the technical complexity of bitcoin.

Furthermore, Armin Lutz, Area Manager of deVere Group West Africa. Armin explained how the fast the finance industry is adopting the digital currency. In view of this deVere Group has actually launched their cryptocurrency mobile app called deVere Crypto which is a mobile trading platform for digital currencies.

Also, Tony Klah– Former Head of Information Technology at USAID West Africa. Now an enterprise solutions architect and CEO & Founder of “TheGr8Mind$@W0rk Group”, spoke about the various apps which have been built using the blockchain technology. He introduced participants to Bitland which is a land registration system which is based on the blockchain technology.

Finally, Rev Daniel Ogbamey Tetteh – Director General Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stressed the need for cryptocurrencies to be decentralized to curb the issue of inflation with the transaction platform. Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh said, “At the heart of the creation of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies is the intent of creating a currency insulated from central government interference and control.”

The program was very knowledgeable with thought-provoking discussions led by our speakers. NiBS is proud to have made an impact on this topic.