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NIBS launches Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Nobel International Business School (NIBS) in Accra, Ghana, has launched an innovative executive education program designed and customized to prepare busy business leaders and executives for an internationally accredited Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program, in affiliation with the Swiss Business School (SBS), Zurich, Switzerland. The program commenced on May 28th with its first module at the NIBS Campus, 7 Oleander Street, East Legon, Accra.

Addressing the media in Accra, Professor Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, the President and Executive Dean of NIBS said:

“The NIBS doctoral program is timely because of the extraordinary political and economic opportunities in Africa. More than ever, Africa needs business leaders and executives with advanced cognitive leadership skills to discover the limitations of current management practices, develop deeper insights into what works and what does not work, and discover, lead and share new knowledge and next practices. Students are expected to come into the program with live business problems and opportunities they wish to resolve through the research in the 3 – year DBA. The program helps executives develop the ‘practitioner-scholar’ ability to navigate new business challenges by making evidence-based decisions. He also said that, “In the midst of increasing number of business schools in Africa, there is a severe shortage of doctoral business faculty, which adversely affects the quality of business school graduates.

The NIBS program develops the research, publishing and teaching capacity of senior executives who would like to teach in Universities; to bring their business experience to the classroom to help students to qualify for the real world”. He emphasized that, “Those who graduate will gain acceptance and credibility above and beyond the level of consultants and EMBA–holders as people who can handle the most complex and nuanced business problems for their firms and/or employers. Success in the program means that executives would have proven their ability to apply the critical research skills they learn in the DBA to issues at work, beyond the original dissertation research.”

Professor Per V. Jenster, the Vice President of NIBS said:
“As business problems grow in complexity in Africa, new knowledge and practices must be generated by the new generation of business leaders. Many believe that German companies are well-managed and resilient because over 75% of German business executives hold professional doctorates. Our doctoral program blends Swiss execellence with local knowledge allowing executives to develop deeper insights into real business problems in pursuit of new and relevant evidence-based solutions.”

Professor John Meewella, a member of the NIBS international advisory board explained that on average only 45% of executives complete a professional doctoral program. However, he said: “At NIBS, we facilitate success in completing your Doctorate without interrupting your work by offering ease of application and enrolment, a cohort model of admission, a modular delivery format of a few days few two months, a doctoral advisory board with 30+ world-renowned professors, the provision of technical assistance, doctoral thesis writing seminars and other features specifically designed to ensure high completion rates. We give you the perfect platform to leverage your experience, expertise and insights to do what you have always wanted to do –to make an original contribution to your profession by redefining and advancing knowledge and areas of practice”.

Summing up the need for such a unique program, Professor Atuahene-Gima said: “Many say this is a new dawn for Africa, but the dawn requires executive creativity and innovation in business practices to emerge and shine. Our Doctoral Program for experienced business leaders and executives helps you to discover, lead and share new organizational knowledge and practices that would nourish the new African dawn.”

Professor Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, President & Executive Dean , NIBS For 9 years, he was Professor of Marketing & Innovation Management at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Founding Executive Director CIEBS Africa Campus in Accra. He is ranked number 2 innovation management scholar in the world.