Program Overview

The mission of the DBA program is to develop executives to more effectively under-stand new trends in business & management research so that they can assume se-nior management and leadership responsibilities. The DBA is a practice-oriented doctoral program informed by academic theory in an attempt to bridge the industry-academic divide. Hence, the research approach is consistent with action or survey research and evidence-based management. It aims to:

  • Enable experienced executives develop a deeper understanding of manage-ment theory and research.
  • Develop practitioner-scholars who will conduct and publish the results of ri-gorous applied management research that advance an area of knowledge and practice, and
  • Develop thought leaders/teachers in various fields of business and manage-ment thought.

From a learning and skill perspective, the program enables students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and expertise required to identify, understand and suc-cessfully tackle the interdisciplinary, big-picture issues that characterize busi-ness management today
  • Exhibit analytical and research skills in formal social inquiry required to define and address complex issues and to disseminate knowledge related to their profession in a variety of professional and public outlets to influence professional activity, management practice and public policy
  • Demonstrate expertise in a specific topic area through the design, execution, and completion of a doctoral dissertation that contributes to knowledge and practice of the field.
  • Demonstrate ability to disseminate new knowledge through publications in practitioner journals and conferences and where possible academic outlets.
  • Develop key skills in the design and delivery of educational courses through understanding of the theory and practice of teaching in business education.

Duration: - 3 Years

Admission Requirements:

  • Master degree or equivalent with 5 years professional experience


DMKG 101 Strategic Management 5 credits
DCPT 1101 Corporate Financing and Investment 5 credits
DMKG 1201 Entrepreneurship and International Management 5 credits
DLOG 1201 Organizational Structures and Change Management 5 credits

DRCH1101 Research design I 5 credits
BGRH0904 Research design II 5 credits
DRCH1102 Research Methodology I 5 credits
DCRH1201 Research Methodology II 5 credits

DGRH1101 Leadership 5 credits
Cross-cultural Management 5 credits
Executive Communication 5 credits
Research Dissemination 5 credits

DRCH1301 Grand Comprehensive exam 5 credits


Thesis proposal 5 credits
Thesis draft 1 5 credits
Thesis draft 2 5 credits
Thesis draft 3 5 credits
Final thesis 10 credits

DRCH1601 Thesis Defense 25 credits

Degree Awarded:

Doctor of BusinessAdministration (DBA)

Discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge
that would nourish the new African dawn.

Department Contacts

Dr. Hod Anyigba

Programs Director
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Benedict Asiedu Amankwah

Programs Manager, Ghana
+233 (0) 262 367 830

Jennifer Sika Nketiah

Programs Manager, Ghana
+233 (0) 278 961 059

Ignatius Udofia

Programs Manager, Nigeria
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