Program Overview

The mission of the DBL program is develop and prepare executives to more effectively assume overall leadership responsibility within organizations operating in intensely competitive national and global markets. The overall objective of this program is to develop new types of leaders with:

  • Greater personal leadership confidence
  • More sophisticated and nuanced understanding of leadership issues and trends
  • Practitioner-scholar orientation able to ask and find answers to interesting leadership questions
  • Ability to find evidence-based solutions to organizational problems, and
  • Ability to lead and share new knowledge and practices thereby lead organizational adaptation in uncertain and dynamic environments.

The DBL is a practice-oriented doctoral program informed by academic theory in an attempt to bridge the industry-academic divide. Hence, the research approach is consistent with action or survey research and evidence-based management.

Duration: - 3 years

Admission Requirements:

  • Master degree or equivalent with 5 years professional experience


DBL 900 Organizational Behavior theory 5 credits
DBL 901 Leadership Theory and Practice 5 credits
DBL 902 Contemporary Issues in Leadership 5 credits
DBL 903 Innovation and Change Leadership 5 credits

DRCH1101 Research Methods in Business & Management 5 credits
BGRH0904 Management Research Design and Methodologies 5 credits
DRCH1102 Advanced Statistics 5 credits
DCRH1201 Preparation and Presentation of a Research Proposal 5 credits

DGRH1101 Leadership 5 credits
Cross-cultural Management 5 credits
Executive Communication 5 credits
Research Dissemination 5 credits

DRCH1301 Grand Comprehensive exam 5 credits


Thesis proposal 5 credits
Thesis draft 1 5 credits
Thesis draft 2 5 credits
Thesis draft 3 5 credits
Final thesis 10 credits

DRCH1601 Thesis Defense 25 credits

Degree Awarded:

Master of Applied Leadership Research (MALR)

Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL)

Discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge
that would nourish the new African dawn.

Department Contacts

Dr. Hod Anyigba

Programs Director
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Benedict Asiedu Amankwah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Jennifer Sika Nketiah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Ignatius Udofia

Programs Manager, Nigeria
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