Program Overview

The DBL program offered by NiBS is designed to develop and prepare executives to more effectively assume overall leadership responsibility within organizations operating in intensely competitive national and global markets. The objectives of this program includes:

  • Enable business leaders to develop their skills in understanding, evaluating and creating new knowledge within their profession, thereby making an individual and independent contribution to the development/ enhancement of professional practice in business leadership.
  • To enable experienced business leaders, develop a deeper understanding of leadership theory and research.
  • To develop ‘practitioner-scholars’ who will conduct and publish the results of rigorous applied leadership research that advances an area of knowledge and practice, and
  • To develop academically sound business leaders who will be able to teach/transfer their knowledge in the various fields of leadership and governance.
  • Produce a thesis or portfolio based on high quality original research of publishable standard (suitable for dissemination to their profession), demonstrating critical evaluation and synthesis in relation to current literature and professional leadership practice

Duration: - 3 years

Admission Requirements:

  • Masters /Mphil /MA/MSc qualification in a Business Leadership/Management related area (or an equivalent qualification with a substantial work experience in a business leadership role)and/or
  • Professional Qualification to demonstrate foundation knowledge of leadership and management; with leadership experience of significant duration and responsibility (no less than 5 years) or
  • First degree of 2A standard in leadership and management with minimum of 15 years senior level management experience and minimum of 10 years of significant leadership responsibility


DBL 900 Organizational Behavior theory 5 credits
DBL 901 Leadership Theory and Practice 5 credits
DBL 902 Contemporary Issues in Leadership 5 credits
DBL 905 Innovation and Change Leadership 5 credits
DBL 906 Leadership Ethics, Governance and Social Responsibility 2 credits
BUS 601 Information Technologies for Business Research 6 credits
CRI 601 Critical Analysis of Research 8 credits

REM 651 Research Methods in Business & Management 6 credits
MGT 652 Management Research Design and Methodologies 8 credits
DBA 770 Advanced Statistics 1 credits
PRE 651 Preparation and Presentation of a Research Proposal 6 credits

DBA 778 Comprehensive Examination 3 credits

LIT734 Dissertation: Critical Literature Review 30 credits
RES820 Dissertation: Empirical Research 30 credits
RES839 Dissertation: Case Study 30 credits
DEF709 Dissertation: External Examination 15 credits
DEF717 Dissertation: Oral Presentation and Defense 15 credits

Degree Awarded:

  • Master of Applied Leadership Research (MALR)
  • Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL)

Discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge
that would nourish the new African dawn.

Department Contacts

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Programs Director
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Benedict Asiedu Amankwah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Jennifer Sika Nketiah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Ignatius Udofia

Programs Manager, Nigeria
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