Program Overview

Recent developments in a variety of industries in Ghana, Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa suggest the need for marketing professionals to develop the applied research knowledge and skills for evidence-based managerial decision-making, if we are to develop and sustain a viable commercial well-being of firms. This program provides a thorough knowledge of marketing theory and its literature and a solid comprehension of advanced analytical and research methods in marketing. Doctoral candidates must attend research workshops and presentations to acquire an intimate and detailed understanding of the most recent theoretical and empirical advances in their field of marketing.

Graduates of the program will assume significant leadership positions in organizations and in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the publication of research in journals and books and add significantly to the body of knowledge. The DMS degree will also prepare participants for high-level research or consulting positions in corporations, or for teaching positions in academic institutions. The program’s specific objectives are:

  • To provide an interdisciplinary environment for the generation of creative ideas in marketing;
  • To provide sufficient analytic skills for evaluation (and implementation) of these ideas, i.e., critical insight;
  • To provide training in the communication of these ideas to others; and
  • To encourage a type of cumulative contribution to the marketing field by a process of learning how to learn, i.e., the strategy of scholarly inquiry.

Duration: - 3 years

Admission Requirements:

Master’s degree in accounting, marketing, business, management or related area or equivalent qualification with at least 5 years of leadership experience in a business, public and other organizations


DMK 900 Marketing Philosophy & Theory 5 credits
DMK 901 Marketing Strategy & Innovation 5 credits
DMK 902 Services Marketing 5 credits
DMK 903 Digital & Technology Marketing 5 credits

DRCH1101 Research methodology qualitative and quantitative analysis 5 credits
BGRH0904 Research methodology Case study 5 credits
DRCH1102 Research Design 1 5 credits
DCRH1201 Research Design 2 5 credits

DGRH1101 Leadership 5 credits
Cross-cultural Management 5 credits
Executive Communication 5 credits
Research Dissemination 5 credits

DRCH1301 Grand Comprehensive exam 5 credits


Thesis proposal 5 credits
Thesis draft 1 5 credits
Thesis draft 2 5 credits
Thesis draft 3 5 credits
Final thesis 10 credits

DRCH1601 Thesis Defense 25 credits

Degree Awarded:

Doctor of Marketing Science (DMSc)

Discover, lead and share the new business practice and knowledge
that would nourish the new African dawn.

Department Contacts

Dr. Hod Anyigba

Programs Director
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Benedict Asiedu Amankwah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Jennifer Sika Nketiah

Programs Manager, Ghana
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Ignatius Udofia

Programs Manager, Nigeria
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