Refund Policy

Payment of Fees

  1. By NiBS policy, you will need to complete payment of the remaining balance of your fees by the date specified on your agreed installment plan.
  2. All offers of admission remain conditional on NiBS being satisfied as to your ability to pay fees on the due dates indicated.
  3. Invoices for payment of fees shall be issued to you from the finance office prior to each due date.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed with the Executive Dean, all fees must be paid directly into the designated NiBS account, details of which are indicated on the acceptance form attached and on each invoice issued to you.
  5. You will be refused entry to classes and any other NiBS activities while fees remain unpaid.
  6. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at the rate of 13% unless otherwise agreed with the Executive Dean.
  7. Program fees are reviewed from time to time. Hence, if for any reason, your studies straddle beyond your cohort year or you repeat a course, you will be liable to pay any increase in fees.
  8. In case you decide not to take a place after accepting an offer of admission, your deposit will be refunded less 30% administrative charges.
  9. All fees paid after you start the program are NOT
  10. Application fees paid are NOT
  11. If you choose to discontinue or defer from the program at any point, you agree to pay fees pro rata as calculated by NiBS.
  12. NiBS reserves the right to vary program fees taking account of program operational costs and economic conditions.