Dr. Oluwatosin I. Etomi

Cohort 5 | Country Manager, Sahara Energy Resource Ltd, Ghana

The DBA program for me was an exhilarating experience. It was rigorous, daunting and intense. It stretched me beyond what I thought was my limit. It also brought to the fore the relentlessness that lay deep within. It was an academic exercise that broadened my horizon, changed my perspective on a lot of issues, expanded my knowledge base and equipped me with strategies I now deploy in my business. We live in a knowledge-based environment and as such, knowledge and research are central to business success in today’s extremely competitive climate regardless of the industry you find yourself and there is no better way to equip yourself than to enroll for the DBA program. I would recommend NiBS at any point in time.

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Dr. Afua Asabea Asare

Cohort 3 | Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Export Promotion Authority

The program was a turning point for me from a personal and professional perspective. On a personal level, it gave me a platform to interact with diverse groups of people – both members of my cohort and professors from various countries with varied work experiences and expertise. I have formed strong bonds and continue to remain in touch with most of them to date. I, therefore, have a global network of friends. On a professional level, the professors and course materials were nothing short of excellent. I got a better sense of the international business environment, and I believe that I am a more rounded professional who understands the use data for evidence-based decision making. I firmly believe that this has brought an exciting twist to how I view the next chapter.

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Dr. Randy Abbey

Cohort 5 | Host, Good Morning Ghana, Metro TV

Being a very busy executive, I was looking for a doctoral program that was flexible enough to accommodate my work-family schedule. NiBS provided me with exactly what I wanted - a flexible timetable, experienced faculty, supportive research assistants and a flexible payment schedule. The DBA journey at NiBS has improved my intellectual capacity tremendously and has provided me with a lot of practical industry perspectives as a business executive and a leader.

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Dr. Frances Noble-Nkrumah

Cohort 4 | Director of HR, World Visions International

I am happy that I made the right choice of pursuing this program with NiBS because the deep and extensive content of the program has deepened my analytical and critical thinking skills, which are very relevant and transferable in the NGO world – my theatre of operation. I am pleased with the intellectual rigor of the program, which has forced me out of my comfort zone. This has shifted my thought process and deepened my conceptualization of the complex world around me. Through this DBA program, I have grown as a person in many dimensions and levels. I feel very comfortable that I now have the latest tools and experiences to contribute more meaningfully in business and society.

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Dr. Ebenezer Nii Aryitey Tagoe

Cohort 5 | Deputy Chief Executive (Finance), Volta River Authority (VRA)

Nobel International Business School is a doctoral school that is anchored in innovation. I did not realize this at the beginning of the program. However, as I progressed, I began to notice the impact that NiBS was having on both my professional and personal life. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is packaged with your progress and completion of the program in mind. Having attempted a similar program without success at a different school, the difference was abundantly clear when the DBA program structure was initially outlined to me during the information session at the school. The commitment of the lecturers, the availability of research assistants and their quest to provide every help that you may require and the rigorof the program and how they are structured to fit one’s research work is particularly commendable. NiBS has provided me with the skill of applying theory to business decisions, which gives me a systematic way of understanding events, behaviors and situations. With NiBS, you will never go wrong with your doctoral education.

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Dr. Edward Owusu-Manu Jnr

Cohort 3 | Head of Supply Chain, Aker Energy Ghana Ltd

NiBS has given many Africansthe opportunity to explore and further their education. These individuals are making considerable impact on society. Personally, the DBA program has equipped me with the right tools to make a significant impact on academia and industry. It’s a great opportunity to be part of this school.

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Dr. Eric Bonsu Ampah

Cohort 3 | CEO Skyboom Ghana Limited

The NiBS DBA experience is one that I will forever cherish. Not only were the faculty top-notch, the research assistants were also always on hand to give timely support whenever I needed help with my research. Doing my DBA at NiBS gave me a rare opportunity to add value to my social capital in the sense that the cohort comprised of top executives both from the private and public sector.

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Dr. Ahmed Zakaria Abdulahi

Cohort 5 | Chairman of the Board, Al-Zulphar Group of Companies

The DBA program at Nobel International Business School provided me with an opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree which allowed me to realize my dream, passion and aspiration. The school offers comprehensive, time friendly and genuinely conducive environment for students. I am now well equipped with research tools needed to conduct rigorous business research. I especially appreciate NiBS’s orientation towards excellence and relevance, the opportunity to visit SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich for GLOBEX programs, and the stimulating relationship with the research assistants. Additionally, the small class size made it possible to be fully integrated within research teams. Further, I received massive support from my supervisor. I also got the opportunity to share my knowledge as an instructor at NiBS. I recommend NiBS to all tightly scheduled business executives and Managing Directors.

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Dr. Gideon Asamoah Tetteh

Cohort 3 | Deputy Director, Ministry of Communication

Right from day one, the focus is on your thesis, which is an outstandinginnovation. At NiBS, the course work feeds into the thesis from day one,hence no time is wasted. This allows for seamless on-time completion compared to other doctoral programs, where coursework precedes thesis writing. The NiBS DBA program was an exhilarating experience. The modular arrangement made it conducive for me to combine work andacademic exercise. I was made to appreciate the difference between theory and practice and how they complement each other. The training places one in the position to perform both in academia and industry. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend this special and unique DBA Program to any professional who wants to bring change in his/her area of practice.

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Dr. Pius Basoah Asumadu

Regional Head (PVLMD) – Lands Commission

NiBS is an ‘experience’, and I am living proof of the numerous advan-tages it offers. NiBS is an intellectual factory having educated several business leaders in Africa within these few years. The premier doctoral school in Africa is recognized for its impact in producing evidence-based decision-making professionals. One’s perception of life changes with the NiBS experience. The ability to break territories, become resilient in overcoming challenges, and the exercising courage to transform systems are hallmarks of the school. Discovering, leading and sharing are traits of NiBS. The alumni network of business executives across the Anglo-West African countries is social capital that cannot be quantified in monetary terms. I have no regrets of becoming an alumnus of NiBS.

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Dr. Kweku Christian Eshun

Cohort 3 | Executive Chairman, KF ‘94 Ltd

Most times, things are done out of practice, and understandably you might not understand why and how certain things are done. And when you understand why and how the process or procedure was laid, you will be able to teach and explain it to others. As a businessman, you will need to understand the reason why you are achieving something. The second reason is that in life you will want to make some contribution to existing knowledge and to do that, you need to be at the right place at the right time and be at a place where academic findings are made. Prof. Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, whom I got to know, played a significant role in my academic life. He was not just a scholar but he excelled at practically everything he did. This encouraged me to sign on to this NiBS DBA Program.

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Rev. Dr. Samuel Frempong Kwofie

Cohort 3 | Managing Consultant: Power Grid Ventures & Circuit Minister: Methodist Church Ghana

I have been in managerial practice for some time now, and at the end of the day, everything falls back to management and finance. These are the two factors that business schools all around the world try to address. I, therefore, felt I should register with an accredited business school to deepen my knowledge in management practice and to become a practitioner-scholar at a certain point in my life.

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Dr. Anita Oppong

Cohort 4 | Head, Corporate Communications Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited

Initially, I came in to do the PhD program, but Professor Atuahene-Gima advisedthat because I have been an active player in industry for so long, the DBA program was ideal for me. What I admired significantly was the flexibility of the program in terms of delivery and the fact that the entire delivery model is designed with the busy executive, like me, in mind. It was so convenient.

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Dr. Ramatu Afio Peregrino-Brimah

Cohort 3 | Director of Finance, Ghana Health Service

I decided to pursue the doctoral program at NiBS because I had as-sumed a research-based role at work. But how I got to know about NiBS was quite strange. A subordinate at the workplace recommended the school. Upon further investigations, I realized that the program had been designed for busy working executives who had the desire to improve themselves academically, and to contribute to existing knowledge. Ultimately, my goal is to leave a lasting legacy and NiBS provided a convenient opportunity to do just that.

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Dr. Daniel Amuyaw Addo

Cohort 5 | Director of Finance, National Petroleum Authority (NPA)

I pursued the DBA program at NiBS because of my academic pursuit and the combined nature of the program – bridging the academia-industry gap. I received quality research support. The program content was relevant and followed current management trends. Also, I liked the affordability of fees with flexible payment terms.

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Dr. Charles Amoah – Wilson

Cohort 1 | Director of HR, National Communications Authority

I was motivated to pursue a DBA program mainly because of two rea-sons: my quest for knowledge and the flexible nature of the program. What I admired most was the program content which is relevant for in-dustry practice. The mode of study also suited my busy working sche-dules. The kind of research support received was adequate and helpful with prompt feedback and consistent availability of research fellows.

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Juliet Sale 

Cohort 1 | United Cities and Local Governments of Africa Regional Director for West Africa

The entire Doctorate in Business Leadership (DBL) program at Nobel International Business School (NiBS) is distinct from other programs elsewhere. The DBL program at NiBS is well situated in the African context. In other words, it is Africanized. It has been recognized that African Leadership has its distinct characteristics and traits that must be identified and promoted. This programs gives an opportunity to do so.

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David Amoo-Osae Jnr

Cohort 1 | Chief Executive, The House Group Ltd

After completing my EMBA at CEIBS, I didn't know which world-class institution to pursue my Doctorate. I then thought of NiBS, and I enrolled. I had the rare opportunity of being a pioneering member of the first cohort to acquire another world-class Doctorate in Business Leadership (DBL) in Ghana with a very flexible timetable. The program has a very flexible payment structure and most importantly, excellent faculty and support systems to help you complete the program between two and a half to three years. I sincerely believe it's a must for any serious top business lead-er/executive who wants to make a positive impact on his/her chosen career to choose this same path. I am a solid ambassador of the NiBS Doctorate in Business Leadership (DBL) program and hope other top business executives experience this same opportunity.

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